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Excel Formwork & Scaffolding: Elevating Industry Standards for Over Four Decades

For more than forty years, Excel Formwork & Scaffolding has consistently exceeded customer expectations, delivering exceptional value in every endeavor. Our global reach spans across six continents, a testament to the quality and reliability of our equipment and products. Throughout these years, our unwavering commitment to a partnership-oriented approach has remained constant, placing customer satisfaction at the forefront. This enduring philosophy is harmoniously intertwined with our dedication to cultivating a safety-conscious, quality-driven workforce, infused with a spirit of innovation.

Our versatile equipment finds application across a diverse spectrum of domains, including building and construction industries, public works, offshore construction, industrial maintenance, refinery installations, plant construction, and shipbuilding. Our esteemed clientele comprises a mosaic of backgrounds, ranging from distributors and installation heads to construction leaders and event managers. This rich diversity propels us to maintain an unwavering focus on the pinnacle of quality.

Why Opt for Excel Scaffolding?

Comprehensive Product Range: We specialize in the design, manufacturing, and supply of an array of products, spanning from fundamental shoring accessories to intricate formwork and panel systems. Explore our diverse equipment portfolio here.

Expert Sales & Design Team: Our adept sales and design team, equipped with extensive training, stands ready to offer unparalleled support. Excel Group has played a pivotal role in significant projects across the GCC region and internationally, solidified through partnerships with industry giants like RMD, Peri, SGB, Hunnebeck, and Titan Ischebeck. This collective experience ensures that projects are executed punctually and within budget constraints.

Unrivaled Manufacturing Capabilities: Backed by a proficient workforce and robust in-house manufacturing facilities, we guarantee products of the highest quality, characterized by cost-effectiveness and swift lead times.

Paramount Safety & Productivity: Our commitment to elevating on-site safety and productivity is unwavering. We continuously evolve through a dynamic development program, tailored to cater to the evolving needs of diverse industries.

At Excel Formwork & Scaffolding, we are not just a solution provider; we are your steadfast partner in success, standing shoulder-to-shoulder as you navigate the demands of an ever-evolving landscape. Join us in raising industry benchmarks and reshaping excellence.


Excel is making unwavering efforts to add value to the construction industry by providing best-in-class scaffolding, formwork equipment and accessories.

Excel Lock System

The Lock System provides strong support and is easy to install, assemble and transport.

Excel Adjustable Steel Props/ Shoring Posts

Excel provides Props and Posts having different load capacities,

Excel MKII and Super Slim Soldiers

Our MKII soldiers and super slim soldiers are of one-of-a-kind,

Excel Stages

We offer systems for seamless intralogistics. Properly coordinated

Excel Frames

At Excel, we have World-class frame building material that is durable,

Excel Fittings

Excel offers all kinds of couplers and fittings to aid the construction demands,

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