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Nose Docks

  • Especially designed for the A380 series.
  • Incorporates PLC operated, adjustable and hydraulically controlled vertical movements
  • Appropriate for use with all wide-bodied aircraft.
  • equipped with a Radom Crown Access including a cross-over bridge
  • Covers areas of the aircraft’s Radom, windscreen, cockpit, and crown for convenient, safe access for maintenance.
  • Equipped with appropriate safety harnesses in the requisite positions.

Wing Docks

  • Modular docking system consisted of scissor and infill platforms to form outer, centre and inner modules.
  • Designed to accept 2 and 4 engine aircraft types associated with the Emirates Fleet.
  • Outer module – providing full access from the outboard engine to the wing tip in aircraft with 4 engines as well as access via the integral staircase.
  • Centre module – providing full access to the outboard engine and the wing area of the engine.
  • Inner module – providing full access to the area between the inboard and outboard engines.
  • Each module is individually controlled using a ‘push button control’ system.

Fuselage Docks

  • provides access to all of the fuselage areas of the aircraft.
  • provides full access to the port and starboard sides, without restricting any movement of the control surfaces
  • allows full access to every door of the aircraft, ‘on wheels’ and in the ‘jacked’ positions.
  • allows complete access to the fuselage crown areas of all aircraft types.
  • Each side (port and starboard) provides access to the Nose Dock Assembly and the Tail Dock Assembly.
  • Stairways provide access to all levels and comply with internationally approved Industrial Safety Standards
  • The docks permit rapid docking / de-docking of aircraft.
  • When used together with a Tail Dock, it allows safe travel access for personnel from the nose through the fuselage to the tail of the aircraft.

Tail Docks

  • Has an adjustable, vertical drive facilitating efficient, safe, and easy access for maintenance personnel to all components and parts of the air craft’s tail section.
  • Is stable at level-0 and moves horizontally and vertically to adjust to the profiles of different aircraft
  • Is provided with multiple levels in order to simultaneously reach all the areas of the vertical stabilizer on even the largest aircraft.
  • Is designed to maximize the efficiency of aircraft maintenance by providing continuous ergonomic access from the nose to the tail via the fuselage.
  • Can be operated independently for access to each level of the tail area of the aircraft.
  • The top level of the platform reaches a height of 23 m as is required for the A380 series. aircraft’s

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