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Excel Industry CO. LLC - Since 1981
Welcome to Excel Industry

Committed to Delivering Excellence since 1981

Excel Industry Co LLC is a privately owned, multi-disciplinary engineering and manufacturing company. Headquartered in Ajman, UAE, Excel has experienced design, engineering, and manufacturing teams. Each team has a proven track record of collaborating with clients worldwide since 1981.

Excel employs precise production processes. We meticulously implement quality standards and control at all design, engineering and manufacturing stages. Our extensive in-house manufacturing capabilities at three plants help build cost-effective products with short lead times. Excel Industry is an ISO 9001:2008, DIN and EN 1090-2 accredited group.

With over 400 skilled workers and 50 professionals, The Excel Group offers exceptional expertise in

Project Management
Health & Safety
Quality Services

Excel delivers diverse product offerings because of our highly skilled workforce and capital-intensive investments, which include three facilities, several rolling mills and galvanizing plants. We cater to civil construction, oil and gas, aviation, and waste management industries.

Excel has successfully delivered several high-profile, turn-key projects for clients in Europe, the Middle East, and Northern Africa.


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Our People drive high-quality results for every client. We work together, mutually respecting the work and opinions of each team member, focusing on solutions and what we can accomplish together. The aspiration is to be the employer of choice, holding teamwork paramount for the company.
We relentlessly work to keep people safe from harm, providing a healthy work environment for all. Safety is the cornerstone of every project as we design and fabricate equipment for the construction and aviation industries. No work is above safety. It is a value that is foundational to the Excel Group culture.
Human capital is a critical aspect of our business, so we hire candidates who want to learn and develop. We want them to inspire each other with a sense of purpose, challenging opportunities, and rewarding careers.
Excel Group aims to improve the quality of life where we work. We respect cultures, engage local residents, and protect the environment. We assess the impact of activities on the environment and proceed consciously, considering the impact, especially in waste management and emissions. At Excel, we follow industry standards and design well balanced solutions.
Excel Group builds positive, long-term relationships. Our customers, government, community, and supply chain deserve trust, respect, and collaboration. We consider service a crucial aspect, hence, every Excel Group representative is mindful of how they market themselves.
We develop and apply world-class technology design to build products with minimum waste, reduced costs, and improved timelines. We seek out extraordinary idea and continually improve. Excel Group demonstrates an exceptional capacity to introduce innovative, multi-disciplinary engineering solutions.
Integrity comes first. We hold honesty, truthfulness, and sincerity at the forefront in each interaction, each project, and with each person. Our goal is to inspire trust by matching our behaviors to our promises. In doing that, we are fair and ethical, even in difficult situations.
Our objective

Commitment To Technology
& Sustainability

Our objective is to satisfy the rapidly evolving needs of the Client and Consultants by providing the most economic and sustainable solutions to their problems without losing on quality. These solutions include but are not limited to sectors of Aviation, Waste Management, Scaffolding, Galvanizing and other services that you can explore here.gn and code clean websites.

Our Mission

To offer innovative & effective solutions to challenging projects in the region’s scaffolding & formwork, aviation & ground support equipment, Galvanizing services, & waste management industries.

Our Vision

We aim to be the most trusted and efficient manufacturer by providing our customers with the solution for all their needs. We will continue accepting challenges that benefit Excel and our business partners.

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