Waste Management

One of our key commitments is to add to the sustainable systems and processes across the globe. As such, our services and products are focused on enhancing the well-being of the clients and their customers. We do this by providing essential waste handling equipment and quality machinery to help process waste and ensure its safe disposal.

Waste Management

Garbage Trolleys and Bins
Double Skip Loader
Tipper Bodies
Wet Waste Compactor
Baler systems
Conveyor Technologies
Mobile Press Containers
Stationary Presses
Stationary Compactors
Mobile Compactors
Open-Top Skip Container (Chain Type)
Open-Top Skip Container (Roll on/Roll off Type)

Product Offerings

Static Compactors

Mobile Compactors

Sorting Devices

Conveyor Systems

Garbage Trolleys

Trash Bins

Plastic Bins

Roll-on Roll-off Containers


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