Plastic Bins

Plastic Bins

2 Wheeled Bins

2 Wheel CL Type

The CL product line has become the de facto standard in the Middle East due to the bin’s optimization for sea shipment and resulting significant reduction in carbon footprint. The coloured identification clips on the lids enable colour coding and flexible use. These bins come in different colours and sizes (120 ltr and 140 ltr).

2 Wheel SL Type

The SL’s sleek and robust design, which features two vertical ribs as an eye-catcher, has helped it become quite popular. Initially intended for use with side loader trucks, the SL. The most recent structural and ergonomic advancements are present in every SL bin. There are three different sizes: 120, 240, and 360 ltr.

2 Wheel HD Type

These are offered by Excel in two different sizes, 120 ltr and 240 ltr. In rural locations or in operations using lifting equipment on trucks that do not satisfy EN criteria, some garbage operators insist on using the conventional, heavy-duty bins that were originally brought to the market more than 40 years ago. Due to its stronger structure, heavier overall weight, and thicker walls, the HD type bin is the best choice for the task.

3 Wheeled Bins

370 ltr CC Type

A third wheel has been added to the 370 ltr compact class bin to make it easier to move in confined spaces and back-of-house hallways. It is the ideal bin for transporting trash from businesses, shops, and malls to regional facilities for waste loading. It follows the  En-840 standard.

4 Wheeled Bins

660 ltr Flat Lid Type

The 1100 ltr regular capacity of 660 ltr bins gives them all the features of larger bins in this category. The smaller depth of the bin, however, makes it possible to squeeze it through doors, sidewalks, and hallways that a 1100 ltr bin cannot.

1100 ltr Flat Lid SL Type

This bin has long been the industry standard for use in heavy-duty trash operations because to its durability in markets all over the world. But various upgrades have been added to produce a more streamlined and contemporary style.

1100 ltr Flat Lid Split Lid Type

The split lid, which evolved from the conventional flat lid bin, is a very user-friendly design. The compact front lid may be opened with one hand and without force, allowing small and medium-sized things to be disposed of into the bin. It gives waste managers and recyclers the option to keep the bodies a uniform colour and distinguish only the little front lid by using a different colour for each type of waste stream.

1100 ltr Dome Lid Type

The dome lid bin, which features a spring mechanism to automatically closes the top after emptying, has long been a favourite in the Middle East. On demand, a separate galvanised steel pedal enables lid opening without having to touch the bin directly. There are numerous other accessories available, including side handles, apertures, noise reduction plugs, and branding possibilities.

1100 ltr Dome lid in lid Type

This bin is an improvement over the widely used dome lid bin in that it has a little front lid hidden under the larger lid that makes it simple for customers to dispose of recyclables or small things. For waste stream colour coding, operators frequently request that the little lid be a different colour from the main lid.

Special Type Bins

400/500 ltr Compact Class

The 400 and 500-litre bins provide the perfect answer for constrained locations, small entrances, and paths. With two integrated handles on each side and sturdy lid hinges on the rear, this room-saving replacement for the typical 4-wheel bin is portable.

770 ltr SL Type

The 770 ltr SL type offers a about 17% larger volume than the very popular 660 ltr bin while taking up nearly the same amount of space. In hospitals and other medical settings, this trash can is frequently used in yellow. Additionally, it is a UN-certified medical waste container.

Special Bin Sizes

Our 40/60 and 80 ltr volume bins are available in low height variants or in DIN standard for lifting by compactor truck. Additional unusual sizes of 140 and 180 ltr are available to meet particularly specific demand circumstances.


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