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Static Compactors

Static Compactors

Static compactors are stationary waste or recycling collection systems that comprises 4 components.

The container
The compacting head
The electronic control
The hydraulic system

Excel, in collaboration with Avermann Germany, fabricates, assembles, cost-effective and supplies state-of-the-art, cost-effective static compactors that are highly modular, and efficient. Avermann Germany has been a pioneer in the field of waste compactors for the last 30 years.

● The compactors comply with legal / safety requirements.
● Adhere to industrial standards.
● Can be specifically designed to the customer's specs.
● Excel vouches for its durability and reliability and provides all after sales support.
● Reduced waste disposal costs.
● Improved waste management system.
● Low maintenance, long lasting designs and components.
● Models available to suit low and high volumes of waste.

Different static compactors offered include:

Simple Static Compactors

Thanks to attachable transport containers in different sizes, Excel offers Avermann static compactors offer high variability and individuality. Transport containers with a net capacity of up to 32 m³ can be attached to the stationary compaction unit. The entire work cycle is controlled by integrated, low-maintenance electro-hydraulics. Due to the optimal compaction without downtime of the upstream production line, you benefit from environmentally friendly, hygienic, and highly economical disposal.

Static Screw Compactors

Your optimal disposal concept for expansive material: The powerful gear motor in combination with an optimal chain drive achieves an extremely high degree of compaction. Thus, your discharge costs are reduced to a minimum. In addition, the constant rotational movement of the screw shaft guarantees a continuous filling.

SP 20 Static Compactor

With its impressively sized feed opening of 1,900mm x 2,000mm, the Avermann SP 20 is predestined for large and bulky cardboard and other materials. Attachable transport containers with up to 32 m³ volume ensure particularly great freedom with regard to the setup location – depending on material, space requirements, and deployment scenario. The adjacent hydraulic unit and maintenance cover to all provide excellent access to the machine even in tight spaces.

The enormous press force of 380kN guarantee optimum compaction. With the Avermann control, the effect of the pressing power on the material can also be perfectly and easily adjusted.

Dubai Municipality has been a leader in using Avermann static compactors throughout the community, all supplied and serviced by Excel.

These compactors offer an ideal solution for any kind of application, because of the many possible variations.

• High-quality hydraulics
• Handles a wide variety of waste
• Simple operation
• Extensive safety features
• Reduced waste disposal costs
• Improved waste management system
• Low maintenance, long-lasting designs, and components
• Models to suit low and high volumes of waste

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