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Mobile Compactors

Mobile compacting containers from Avermann are in worldwide use anywhere where large amounts of recyclable materials are processed. Depending on the transport vehicle, compacting containers are available in roll-on or lift-off versions. Numerous standard solutions are complemented by a range of mobile compacting containers developed for specific uses, for example in the foodstuffs, textiles, plastics, and printing industries.

Machines with a uniform standard are available in order to ensure seamless circular exchange. Optionally, the containers can be fitted with a GSM-/GPS-supported messaging system so that position and fill status can be inquired at any time – for particularly efficient logistics and optimized container loading. Reductions in waste volumes as high as 16% of the original volume also ensure significant cost savings during transport and disposal.

Mobile compactors for hook lift trucks

Avermann waste compactors reduce household and industrial waste volumes as well as paper and other recyclable fractions to 1/6 of the original volume and thus reduce transport and disposal costs extraordinarily economical. Furthermore, additional costs incurred in open waste and recycling containers by scattered paper, the crushing of boxes, the shredding of bulky boxes etc., are completely eliminated here.,

● High performance: 380 kN pressing force
● Reliable: 24V safety and digital control
● User-friendly: Conical container shape for easy emptying
● Capacious: Large feed opening
● High quality: Teflon guided press ram and apron plate
● Optimized: Large maintenance door

Mobile Compactors for Chain Lift Trucks

The lower the waste volume, the lower the transport and disposal costs. Avermann waste compactors for chain lift trucks reduce the volume of household and industrial waste as well as paper and recyclable fractions to 1/6 of the original volume.

● High-performance: Up to 380kN press force
● Reliable: 24V safety and digital control
● User-friendly: Conical container design for easy discharge
● High quality: Teflon guided press ram
● Efficient: Reduced disposal costs
● Durable: Robust construction for long lifetime


The iTainer is an innovation that solves many of the challenges of municipal waste disposal at once – from invoicing through simple application to design.

This intelligent compactor is equipped with an electronic weighing system. It determines the amount of waste thrown in that is paid directly by the user, e.g. by credit card. The compactor is network-ready and sends all required information to the operator’s server via the Internet. The iTainer is especially designed for urban environments since, apart from efficient and space-saving compacting, it also offers protection against offensive odors of all kinds because of its ozone generator. Thanks to variable design options and an impressive, patent-protected design, the iTainer is also a real eye-catcher wherever people live and work.

● Practical: Integrated weighing system with payment terminal
● Intelligent: Can be fully integrated in smart solutions
● Attractive: Modern, urban design with countless creative advertising opportunities
● Thought out: Closed receiving unit with hooks
● Safe: Rear door lock with registered design
● Transportable: Can be shipped in 20/40-feet sea container
● Robust: High resistance to corrosion in extreme climatic conditions
● Odorless: Ozone generator to reduce organic compounds and odors
Well-tried: Proven Avermann control and drive technology
● Safe: Fire protection system
● Well-arranged: LED level indicator

Wet Waste Compactors for Chain Lift and Hook Lift Trucks

Avermann offers special compactors for the reliable compaction of wet waste materials. They are the ideal solution for wet waste materials, such as arising in hotels, canteen-kitchens, rest homes, or hospitals. Due to the efficient Avermann 4-point locking, your compactor is absolutely liquid-tight. The self-cleaning press ram and the tub-shaped design of the press head ensure low-maintenance operation. Avermann wet waste compactors are available with a predefined standard design suitable for the exchange route process.

● Clean: Liquid-tight for hygienic disposal
● Durable: Robust construction for a long lifetime
● Reliable: 24 V safety and digital control
● Optimized: Large maintenance door

Mobile Compactor Avos M

The AVOS M heralds a new generation of mobile waste compactors that sets standards in terms of efficiency, sustainability, and flexibility that have never before been achieved in the market.

Thanks to its optimized design, the AVOS M offers increased stability despite its reduced weight of up to 500 kg less than comparable machines. This leads to two significant advantages: Considerable savings in fuel consumption and significant increase in maximum payload. At present, recyclables cannot be transported more economically and CO2-savingly than with the AVOS M. The master flange system creates maximum flexibility and with the Avermann control concept, the AVOS M is an important component in the digitalization of your processes.

● Innovative: Patented assembly groups and new materials
● Light: Weight reduction up to 500 kg compared to similar system
● Capacity: Very large filling opening (1,890 mm x 1,970 mm)
● Elegant: Attractive industrial design for use in public environments
● Flexibility: Master flange system for optimal adaptation to your needs
● Process reliability: Newly designed press head bottom to prevent material from entering behind the press plate
● Powerful: High press force – well above the market level
● Networked: All service information accessible in real-time via Wi-Fi and mobile network
● User-friendly: Innovative control unit for easy operation


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